The magic of sports

So it’s been over 2 weeks since Tom Brady captured his 5th Super Bowl ring. Though I was rooting for the Atlanta Falcons to win that game, I have to admit, his performance was special and this Superbowl embodied how amazing sports really are.

After the game was over, I began to reflect about the most recent year in sports and all the amazing championship runs that have transpired. Unfortunately a majority of the teams that I was supporting ended up on the losing end, but that’s beside the point. In 2016, the world was exposed to some of the greatest moments in professional and collegiate sports. That year, the Villanova Wildcats ended my hopes of seeing the North Carolina Tar Heels cut the nets down at the NCAA championship with a last-second, buzzer-beating three point, winning shot. Months later, the St. Louis Blues fell short of a trip to the Stanley Cup Finals to the Western Conference Champions, The San Jose Sharks (heart breaking my friends). Fast forward to June through November, two of the greatest championship droughts were vanquished as the Cleveland Cavaliers and (it still pains me to say it) the Chicago Cubs captured the NBA and World Series titles.

Now that 2017 is in session, it’s still a good time to be a fan of sports. In January, the Clemson Tiger’s upset the dominant force of the Alabama Crimson Tide (Another team that I was rooting for. Do you see a pattern here?) in one of the greatest College Football bouts that I have ever witnessed. A month later, the New England Patriots cemented Tom Brady’s legacy by winning Super Bowl 51 in one of the most iconic come backs to ever occur.

As I look back on this crazy, monumental period in sports, I’ve come to the conclusion that sports are super cool. To me, sports are much more than just games or series of competitive events. Sports add great value to the world.

I was initially acquainted with sports simultaneously as an athlete and as a fan. My favorite teams include the St. Louis Cardinals, St. Louis Blues, North Carolina Tar Heels, and Green Bay Packers. Some of favorite athletes are Albert Pujols (he’ll always be my favorite despite his separation from the Cardinals years ago), Yadier Molina, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, David Backes, Aaron Rodgers, Brett Favre, Jaden Schwartz, Keith Tkachuk, and Vladimir Tarasenko.

At a young age, I began playing sports of all sorts. From peewee soccer, to competitive baseball through Middle School, to Varsity basketball in High School, I’ve grown to love nearly every major game that I’ve had the opportunity to participate in.

My athletic career came to an end  when I came to Missouri State in the Fall of 2012. I may not be a part of any notable sport programs anymore, but my competitive nature is still alive and well (and continually growing). Though I’m no longer a competitive athlete, I still continue to remain active, participate in fun, recreational intramural games, and excercise on a regular basis. I believe that I will never be rid of a sports-driven mentality as I continue to compete with peers, other opponents, and with myself in order to attain success in every endeavor that I set for myself. Ultimately this mentality will continue to lead me to be the best that I can be.

My passion as a fan continues to expand in my life. Nowadays, I consider myself much more than a fan of certain games, players, or teams. I am proud to call myself a FANATIC of each aspect of sports. I love the culture, the competition, the atmosphere, and the personalities that make sports special.

You may enjoy the energy of a sold out crowd. You may admire the mix of professionalism, passion and excititement demonstrated through the ownership  of notable business moguls like Mark Cuban. You may be drawn to the passion and intensity  by athletes on display. You may even tune in just to hear the amazing voices and commentary performed by elite journalists and anchors like Dick Vitale and other late legends like Stuart Scott and Craig Sager (R.I.P). Ultimately sports provide several features that create additional flare, frenzy, and fandom to the world.

In essence, I view sports as a major cornerstone to humanity. Sports create opportunities, excitement, entertainment, fun, admiration, joy, heartache, and a series of other emotions that can only be experienced from competition.

One may be on the edge of their seats when watching a close contest between two competitive teams battle with one another. Others may grow hungry by excessive dominance performed by a talented player or team. Whether it’s that powerful walk-off home run, a buzzer-beating, winning shot, that dominant blow out win, a record-shattering performance, or a legacy that is cemented by championship victories, sports generate special moments that will leave a lasting mark with many.

It’s safe to conclude that sports are much more than silly ball games and combative action between opponents. Sports are momentous. Sports are magic. Sports are valuable.

Ultimately, sports MATTER!


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